Um-mm…..what do you call those things which you send in snail mails during festive times?

Ahhhh…Greeting cards!

I think back to the time when I exchanged greeting cards with my best friend, (of course she is, come-on its 13 years of friendship) Aarthy during my schooling period. We used to send all types of cards from handmade (‘Twas her) to printed big cards (me, obviously), and all those cute little messages we leave inside them makes me wonder how meaningful we considered every ‘lil thing in our life. Just like how kids these days look at mobile phones and PS4 with fervour, the same intensity of emotion was seen in our faces when the postman dropped the greeting cards or letters in our mail box.


Greeting cards and letters ! always to cherish !

Eventually, we stopped sending or receiving any types of cards or letters, which totally cut off the warmth and the epitome of happiness it had.

Soon after I started “Libby Creatio” in the month of November’15, I wanted to pop up with something novel for the succeeding month. Fortunately, ‘twas the month of December, which calls for Christmas greeting cards. Before I made a decision I needed an alternative opinion. So I went on for my close circle of people about their outlook if it would sell out or not. I got a mixed review (Mostly negative). Many individuals said, people won’t be interested to buy greeting cards as they are old fashioned and not current. In actuality, my mind was muddled. So with much uncertainty and hesitation I decided to go on with my gut and I ultimately decided to design a couple of Christmas doodle cards, adding some style to it.


Christmas cards


Doodled Christmas cards


doodled Envelope


2nd variety of Christmas card


Inside of the card

So in a day or two, a set of two varieties of Christmas cards were done, and I was pinning my hopes on getting some positive results. As a matter of fact the people actually liked my designs and it clicked right away! (A big sigh of relief) I started getting ample amount of orders. ‘Twas a moment of sheer happiness. And all I know the next thing I did for a couple of weeks is, busy packing the orders. I sold about 50 Christmas cards (whoopee!). The reviews were sterling and they sounded satisfactory and happy customers.


DIY Newspaper Packing with drawings on it ! 🙂


Followed by the successful outcome, I had my first interview for my new start up. (Yay moment!) It was for a fortnightly Tamil newspaper and I never expected to have people actually read it and tell me about it when I see them. This is something I feel good and overjoyed about myself to have succeeded in executing it, which makes others think I’m actually good at something different.


The newspaper article

So every time I do something I take in a new lesson. Don’t let the opinions of others stop you from your dreams.

As Napoleon Hill once said, “who told you it couldn’t be done, and what great achievements has he performed that qualified him to set up limitations for you?”

If someone tells you that what you are attempting to achieve is impossible or not worth the effort, take a close look at them and what they have accomplished with their lives. The chances are good that you will find they haven’t done much. To be a successful person you need to be optimistic and learn to listen to yourself. That’s what I did and I achieved. For a proof, I still get orders for customized greeting cards. (Amazing, right!)


Custom Birthday card


Whatever you do, be it an age old idea or anything new, just add some sparkle of color and coolness to it, It will leave others in awe, because you still have the power to bring back old form into existence. Nothing is old until you add a touch of creativity.

Be creative, you can never go wrong in it !



The 4 Letter Magic word – “BOOK”

Early today morning, Facebook reminded me that, today being April 23rd is “World Book Day.” What better reason do I need to write my blog ? So let me tell you, I was a normal kid in school just like every other child studying and learning just my school books. Trust me, if I had read only those text books you wouldn’t be reading this. I would have murdered English by the time you reached second line (I mean, seriously). I remember my mother trying to teach me English grammar and going crazy on one side and I on the other side sitting with a confused face “What’s wrong mom?” So yes, she had a hard time (I suppose). And when those glorious summer holidays arrived, I can hear my dad persistently telling me to read books. And to my dismay every time he said that, my school books came to my mind and the fear of reading it again.

So when my English was going at stake, my parents decided to get me some brand new books to read which included, from famous five to hardy boys, Nancy drew to Goosebumps, Lion king to Pocahontas and all other lovely fairy tales. In each story I envisioned myself to be that persona, and pictured all the beautiful adventure. So that is how my childhood reading journey went on.

And after I reached college, I read few books, from Indian to international authors (Mostly novels). I was not an avid reader, maybe I was distracted towards more fun (sometimes the word laziness also fits). What shocked me is, when my fellow people started asking for help in language and grammar, I found that I was communicating quite in good grammar without even my knowledge. So all those childhood reading was really beneficial and advantageous.

Recently I have been into business, self – help and spiritual books, rarely novels. I would like to share some of the world class authors, who brought out the best in me through their writing, which involves, Napoleon Hill, Robin Sharma (my business guru), Joseph Murphy (the one who explains bible so beautifully), Brian Tracy, Rhonda Byrne, Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen (My life guides), and the list goes on. And I have this wonderful Friend named Harine, who along with me is taking up the book challenge 2016. And I’m happy to get her as my reading partner, as we share so much knowledge with each other. We’re discovering ourselves each day through the books we read. And today being the “world book day”, I decided to give her a book by Robin Sharma, one of her favourite authors and mine too (how could anyone not).  So if you’re planning to give your friend a gift or something, a book is the perfect choice. (maybe its time people start educating themselves to differ from mediocre people). Garrison Keillor once said “A book is the gift you can open again and again”. What more than you need than a book full of wisdom. Who knows you can even start your own business like I did, or become an author or improve yourself in your work place, anything can happen with all the motivation you acquire from it. So devote yourself to reading at least 30 minutes a day to differ from the crowd.

As for my mindset, the more the books a person has, the more rich he is.  Learning does not end upon graduation. Be a lifelong learner. I assure you, boredom will never show up on your doorstep as long as you have something to learn.

A house that has a library in it, has a soul. – Plato.

world book day (1)

A book opens a door to your heart. – Libby

A house is a not a home without at least one book shelf with books. I have mine. Do you have yours? If not, bring that book shelf into existence.

Go get yourself a book and see yourself in it.

“Book” is the magic word all you need in life.


I Like The Person I Am Becoming

April! Season of exams!

This time, last year everything was so different. I was sitting in the exam gallery in Madras Christian College writing my Semester exams having two assured jobs in my hand. I felt so proud and lucky, in fact it made my brain go lazy to think “Oh just pass the exams!” And yes, after a month I walked into one of the companies to jump start my career. My face looked so happy and eager to learn new things and mostly find new friends (got the coolest ones). My life was so cheerful and fun (you know it. All beginnings are!).

ok wait, Do you have friends who crow about working in companies or any corporate field for the first few months and then complain for the rest of the year about getting bawled by their boss , stress, work pressure, boredom of job, etc ? Well, in my case these things didn’t happen to me, except for the fact I started griping in a month. Soon I realized I was going to do the same monotonous work for the next how many ever years till I need more money. Of course, I need money to live, but nay not this job. Or else I can put it this way, Maybe I wasn’t ready for what everyone else was doing or I couldn’t adapt to the type of work (This is safe to say).

And after a month, I was right there, seated in the sofa on my very own home in Madurai, trying to figure out my life and searching and researching about all possible jobs, while my parents were secretly happy about me being at home.

Days passed as they do and life went on. I felt like a child again at home. I started bringing back my childhood favourite pastime, sketching, doodling, drawing on wooden boards, and trying out different things, giving away handmade bookmarks, making hand drawn notebooks, etc. I started uploading each of them in facebook (the only place to showcase my work). And who expected, there were so many likes and comments from my best people, appreciating and persuading me to sell them and make a commercial activity of my own. My reaction was just like every other girl, “duh, business and me? Come on, I’m a science graduate. This is just a hobby and people are not going to buy my stuff. Dot.


Hand drawn bookmarks gifted to friends !


Hand drawn and handmade notebooks !


The hand drawn bookmarks I gave away to family friends in a meeting.


Another Handmade notebook !


Some cute ‘lil bookmarks 😉


Designs and patterns on wooden board !


Hand drawn design at the back of my phone cover


Another tie shaped bookmark for my dad, as a quick father’s day gift !


Doodled Mobile skin !


Meanwhile I started reading quite a lot. Mostly self-help and business books, which caught more of my attention and interest in it. So I kept myself busy and improving myself before I stepped into a new discipline. I only had two things on my mind to concentrate then, 1) Read more and understand the field 2) Attend choir practices to sooth your mind. Music and books definitely helped. Even when people kept on asking me what I was doing, I simply said I was reading, which in the sense I was educating myself. (Not many have time for it these days). I never wanted myself thinking about other professions also. I always went by the saying by Robin Sharma, “A person, who chases two rabbits, catches neither.” I let time work its magic.

“Focus on one area with relentless devotion to daily improvements and a passion for excellence and within three to five years, you will be operating at a level of competence such that people call a genius.” – Robin Sharma

Sooner or later it happened. Nov 21st, 2015 was the day, I made my first 3 sets of doodled notebooks and uploaded it in facebook and waited for the reviews and comments of the people who emboldened me to do it, but still with so much confusion and doubt, fear of rejection, criticisms, and what not, every negative thing rushed to my mind wave after wave. Within minutes the things I scared were transformed into a mammoth of happiness and glee from ear to ear. And to my amazement, at the end of the day the orders totted up to 10. (I know, right, who imagined).


The first set of Doodle notebooks !

And thus I sold about 22 doodle notebooks ( aye, not bad for a start). ‘Twas time I gave my new start-up a name. And thus emerged “ Libby creatio”.


Back cover of Notebooks with “Libby creatio” first time printed on it !


DIY Newspaper Packing with drawings on it ! 🙂

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” – Napoleon Hill

From that day onwards I started trusting in the magic of new beginnings. Discover your talents ( I did mine, and exploring hidden ones also).

I never would have pictured myself in a position I am today. It’s hard to believe how much life can change in a year.

I wonder what next April would bring me.

I like the person I am becoming.